Software Solutions

Software acquisition and ongoing license management is no easy chore and falling out of compliance can be costly. We'll help you purchase, track and manage your software licenses and warranties to be sure you’re compliant and up to date.

At Meyer Hill Lynch, our Software Licensing and Management Services provides you with the ability to source hundreds of software solutions from one trusted advisor.

Proactive Software Management

Every vendor’s licensing program is unique and can be complex. Our Consultants work closely with your organization and each software publisher to accurately and cost-effectively acquire software licenses and maintain renewals.

Software Asset Inventory Service

Maintaining accurate information about all the software and computers that are deployed throughout the organization is required for license compliance and migration planning but is not always easily available. Our Software Asset Inventory Service captures a complete list of hardware components and the software applications installed on each system. This information can then be used to help manage software assets and forecast future needs.

Software Partners

We offer a centralized source for software licensing from hundreds of software vendors including Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Symantec, Veeam, Adobe, Quest and many more.

Meyer Hill Lynch is pleased to announce we are joining a global technology integrator company, New Era Technology. We are excited to strengthen and expand our solutions and services to our customers and look forward to future partnerships. Our growth is your growth!

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