Safe. Secure. Protected.

Your mission critical information needs to be protected against the constantly changing security threats, as each minute of network downtime decreases productivity and directly impacts your bottom line. With our proactive, multi-layered defense strategy, we can help you safeguard against attacks and unplanned downtime.

Network Protection

Team with Meyer Hill Lynch to implement a multi-layered defense strategy to maximize uptime, protect your valuable information and minimize your business risk.

Assess Your Current Security

Meyer Hill Lynch can help review your security and provide detailed recommendations for enhancing your network protection.

Protect your Environment with Proactive Multi-Layered Network Security

Best-in-class, enterprise-grade security for any size organization

  • Firewall
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Access Control
  • Wireless Security

Get Responsive Technical Support When You Need It

If an attack does occur, you can count on responsive technical services from Meyer Hill Lynch’s security experts.

Rest Well with Our Customizable Network Protection Support Plans

Sleep better knowing that Meyer Hill Lynch has your back. Our TOTAL Network Support plans offer 24/7 support, monitoring and preventive maintenance to keep your network secure.

Continually Assess and Improve Your Current Security with Strategic Guidance

There are new security threats introduced almost every day. Our security consultants and network engineers will perform recurring assessments of your security and enhance your protection with the latest solutions available.

Web Protection

Web security solutions enable secure Internet connectivity for every device, user, and location, protecting organizations against sophisticated threats. Bringing together web filtering, content inspection, antivirus, zero-day anti-malware, SSL inspection, data loss prevention, and broad integration, Meyer Hill Lynch's portfolio delivers a comprehensive solution available on-premises, as a cloud service, or a hybrid of both.

Secure Web Connectivity, Lower the Risk of Malware Intrusion and Data Loss

  • Web Security Gateway
  • Cloud Based Protection for Mobile Users
  • Spam and Malware
  • Data Loss Prevention

Email Protection

Meyer Hill Lynch offers Email Security solutions and services to protect against ransomware, business email compromise, spoofing and phishing. Advanced threat intelligence and a multilayered approach are used to protect inbound messages and sensitive outbound data. In addition to security solutions, Meyer Hill Lynch delivers filtering technology to control unwanted emails, and business continuity solutions keep email communications flowing, even when your email server fails.

Protect Against Advanced Email Threats

Protection against compromise

  • Spam and Malware Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Granular Filtering and Control
  • Email Business Continuity

Data Protection

A company's data is the lifeblood of their business. On average, data is growing 50% annually so traditional backup technology cannot always keep up. It’s important to know that your valuable company and customer information is properly protected and easily recovered if necessary. Meyer Hill Lynch will review your storage and backup requirements then implement and support the solution that best fits your organization.

Protect Your Mission Critical Data

Meyer Hill Lynch offers a variety of backup and recovery solutions.

  • Traditional Tape Backup
  • On-Premise Disk Backup
  • Cloud Based Backup and Recovery
  • Hybrid On-Premise and Cloud Backup and Recovery
  • Managed Backup and Recovery Service Plans

Avoid Paying a Ransom to Access Your Own Data

Ransomware is a prevalent and growing type of malware that prevents access to server and PC data by encrypting files and holding the data for ransom until the attacker is paid.  Ransomware spreads through email attachments, infected programs and compromised websites.  Once encrypted the only way to recover is from backup, or to pay a ransom and hope the attacker provides the decrypt key as promised.  Meyer Hill Lynch can help by delivering solutions to prevent attacks, and with recovery solutions and services to get you back up and running promptly if an attack occurs.

  • Web and Email Security Solutions to Avoid Known Malicious Sites
  • On Premise Data Protection
  • Offsite Backup Replication in the Event the Backup Server is Compromised
  • Effective and Efficient Recovery Solutions and Services

Be Prepared if Disaster Strikes

Meyer Hill Lynch offers a comprehensive availability strategy.  Our consultants will help you customize a Disaster Recovery plan so you can feel secure knowing your business systems will operate even in the event of a disaster.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Failover High-Availability Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange
  • Offsite Data Protection
  • Affordable and Efficient Cloud-based Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • DR Testing Services

Meyer Hill Lynch is pleased to announce we are joining a global technology integrator company, New Era Technology. We are excited to strengthen and expand our solutions and services to our customers and look forward to future partnerships. Our growth is your growth!

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