Planning For Success.

Experience has taught us that, as your business partner, it's better to plan proactively than to react to challenges as they arise. Planning your technology future is planning for success.

The Meyer Hill Lynch team can help you with a wide variety of consulting services to enhance your organization's IT strategy and performance. Whether it is our assessment services, IT operations management, project plan development, business process consulting...  we have the experience and the talent to guide you. By utilizing our consulting services, you can be sure you're getting objective advice based on your business goals and industry best practices.

Objective Strategic Guidance

Meyer Hill Lynch is committed to providing long term strategy planning for our customers. By working together as business partners, we help you plan ahead so you're not simply reacting to technical challenges as they arise. You can be sure you're getting objective advice about your technology, strategies and staff based on your business goals and industry best practices. When you focus on the strategic work most important to your organization, the highest level objectives will be accomplished faster, and for a lower overall cost.

Technology Assessment and Planning

To develop a plan for your future technology, it's important to assess where you are today. We can perform a comprehensive analysis, document your computer network, then offer technical recommendations for improving performance, reliability and security. In addition to correcting short-term problems, a long-term strategic plan will be created to help you budget to meet your information technology goals.

Solution Design and Planning Services

Proper design and planning are essential to the development of a sound implementation strategy. You can rely on our expertise to recommend the best technology solutions to maximize the benefits to your organization, and create a roadmap for successful deployment using best practices to minimize the risks.

Examples of recent planning and design consulting engagements include:

  • Virtualization and Storage Capacity Planning
  • IP Telephony/Unified Communications System Design
  • Data Center Design
  • Cloud Migration Planning

Project Planning

Before any technical work begins, our team takes the time to understand your needs and plan the project accordingly. Tasks, responsibilities and goals are clearly defined in the scope of work, and proper planning and management helps our Project Managers ensure that your IT projects are completed on time and on budget.

Staffing Solutions and Outsourcing

For more than two decades, we've fine-tuned our recruiting and HR processes to locate, attract and retain the best talent available. We can help you do the same. Services include talent acquisition, technical skill assessment and training, organizational development and compensation planning. If your staffing need is temporary, a highly-skilled Meyer Hill Lynch Engineer, Project Manager or Technical Manager can be engaged to augment your staff.

Meyer Hill Lynch is pleased to announce we are joining a global technology integrator company, New Era Technology. We are excited to strengthen and expand our solutions and services to our customers and look forward to future partnerships. Our growth is your growth!

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