10 April 2019

Providing Toys for Kids at the Child Life Center


At the suggestion of one of our employees, MHL coordinated a collection of items for the Child Life Center at Toledo Children's Hospital. The Center assists families during the unfortunate and scary occasion that a child must spend time in the hospital. They work with children from age 1 day to 18 years, for both short- and long-term health conditions. Some of the services provided by the Child Life Center include educational therapy and tutoring, bedside play and recreational activities for kids of all ages, therapeutic arts and crafts, music therapy, play therapy, pet therapy, diversion and coping strategies during treatment, medical play to help prepare children for medical procedures and tests, support for patients’ parents and siblings, and special events to entertain and engage patients and their families. Check out https://www.promedica.org/toledo-childrens-hospital/pages/specialty-services/child-life.aspx.

The Child Life Center was thrilled to receive our donated items, which will be used as gifts, incentives, procedure distraction, and as shared activities while kids are staying in the hospital. Our employees donated over 150 items, valued at over $1200.