17 December 2018

Serving the hungry at Mosaic Ministries


Mosaic Ministries, located in South Toledo, provides meals, food distribution, education, prayer, counseling, and more to those in need.  Their mission is to transform the area into a viable and sustainable ministry pipeline by building the faith community, fostering education, and improving the infrastructure. Check out their website at https://www.mosaicministries.us

Mosaic works with community partners to remove bad housing, rehab properties, and plant gardens. The vision is to create desirable housing and commercial properties, and create jobs for people through these efforts.  Their outreach also includes Baby University, which strives to teach life-skills, parenting strategies, and nutrition.  Incentives such as free diapers, formula, clothes, and gift-cards help motivate young parents to successfully move children from age 3 through high quality pre-school, K – 12, and then into a college.

Members of the MHL team visited Mosaic Ministries during the holiday season to help serve a dinner meal. Much of the food is donated and groups are asked to bring paper products and plastic ware.  Meals are prepared in the kitchen and served in classrooms of a former school.